2D Cosplay $Free 1-5 people The top 10 shots include basic touchup.
3D Cosplay $Free 1-3 people Editing in 3D is very challenging so shots are provided as-is.
2D Underwater $Free 1 person This style is good for water cosplays (mermaid, swimsuit...) but also for any with flowing hair / light garments (must be a strong swimmer) that you may be able to make swirl around. Realistically, the odds are slim to get a good shot in a public pool, but it'd be fun to try and it's free. The top shot includes basic touchup.
2D Enhanced $100 1 person Enhanced photos include one shot (best one selected from a cosplay or underwater shoot) that is given a new background and/or foreground to enhance the image.
3D Enhanced $200 1 person

All shoots are 10-30min and all free photos include my watermark. Contact me by email, contact form, or comment on my FB post if you're interested in shooting together. Let me know what your cosplay is and any preferences on day/time & style (2D/3D, Cosplay/Underwater/Enhanced).

3D shots can be viewed either by crossing your eyes, or by using red-blue glasses (I can provide them for free).
Cross-Eyed Red-Blue Glasses

See my cosplay gallery for more examples.