Making a full-size R2D2 is challenging, but it's been made easier by 3D printing and all the builders that led the way. Even so, you'll need an understanding of electronics and assembly techniques to make a working one. This R2D2 is not for sale or rent, but I take it to specific charity events to entertain kids and adults alike. In addition to the lights and sounds, it has a working gripper arm (and door) and utility arms that move. For more information on how it's made, check out: How It's Made.

R2D2's Adventures

Sick Kids Hospital TV shows: Story Time & Kahoot - May 2023

R2 and the 501st join the Sick Kids Hospital staff in making a few live telecast shows for Star Wars Day to bring the kids some smiles and interactive play.

The Starlight Foundation's Trick-Or-Suite Event - Oct 2022

R2 is back at the Starlight Foundation's Trick-or-Suite Event, with members of the 501st & Rebel Legion, celebrating Halloween with younglings & their families.

Toronto Prop Expo - Aug 2022

R2 is back at the Prop Expo to introduce players to the game of Dejarik. Wall-e joins in to help with the rules.

Sick Kids Hospital Visit - Dec 2019

R2 is back at Sick Kids Hospital, with members of the 501st & Rebel Legion, bringing some smiles and photo ops to patients & their families.

The Rise Of Skywalker - Dec 2019

R2 got to attend the Canadian Premiere of The Rise Of Skywalker, meet fans & other cosplayers/droid builders and pose for photos.

Sick Kids Hospital Visit - Nov 2019

R2 joins the 501st, Droid Builders and Rebel Legion in a tour of Sick Kids Hospital, bringing some smiles and photo ops to patients, families, and nurses alike.

The Starlight Foundation's Trick-Or-Suite Event - Oct 2019

R2 joins the Rebel Legion in greeting kids in a Star Wars room. The event gives kids in hospitals a night out trick-or-treating with their families at a hotel with different fun themed rooms.

Fan Expo - Aug 2019

R2's first time helping raise money for charity ( Make-A-Wish ) by joining the 501st's Jabba booth for photo ops. R2 completed the first test run on carpet.

Toronto Prop Expo - Aug 2019

R2 does a first test run at an event, and on a driveway. R2 got to meet KITT, K-9, Chopper, 1812 and Wall-e.

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