Star Wars

boba fett and princess leia

Boba Fett

For Boba Fett, I experimented with reinforced plaster (heavy) and air-dry foam (light) only to find out how brittle they both are. A layer of Goop (glue) added to everything made it resilient despite the brittle core. Eventually I replaced most parts with 3D printed ones for better screen accuracy.

boba fett and princess leia

Slave Leia

Slave Leia's bra and boot trim were made with air dry foam over formed metal wire (with Goop again). The bracelet and skirt plates were 3D printed. The staff and hairpiece were assembled from assorted scraps.

Carbonite door

Carbonite Me

The carbonite "Han Solo"-like door was made for my man cave. It has a thermal detonator for the door handle. I also made a conversion kit to turn it into a full model - including side panels with electronics, which also doubles as a protective transport crate when reversed.

the making of the carbonite mancave door

boba fett and princess leia


I made the Jedi out of a Judo gi and some tea-stained fabric. The belt was made from leather, plastic tubes and other assorted bits. The lightsaber was a custom design, using the electronics from a toystore saber, modified so it can have a detachable handle.

the making of a detachable lightsaber



R2D2 was made with 3D prints based on the Michael Baddeley files (v2) with an aluminum dome from Granite Earth. For the electronics, I integrated a frequency hopping radio transmitter/receiver, a Sabre, a Syren, an MP3 trigger and amp, chargers and am looking into an Arduino Uno and I2C servo controller to handle some of the more complicated gizmos. For the logic lights, I used LED belt buckles and for the PSI's I made some LED flashers. I also 3D printed a gold tray (from Jabba's Barge) and glasses.

the making of a radio control R2D2

Dejarik Table

Dejarik Table

The Dejarik table was made with: 3D prints based on the Ian Martin files (Dejarik Builder's group on FB) with a few of my own modifications, a steel reinforced plastic pillar, a plywood base, a plywood intermediate level and an aluminum playing surface. For the electronics, I integrated an electronic piano and a few sound cards (Wookie and Klingon sounds) as well as switches for the lights.

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