Memoirs Of The Shkreli-Vata Family

by Nush Mati Shkreli-Vata

In this book, my great-grandfather ( Nush Mati Shkreli-Vata ) recounts his family's life in the 1800s and 1900s, with the social customs and political turmoil that surrounded the region as Albania sought independence from the Ottoman Empire. The memoirs describe the family's rise and fall in prominence as relatives of the Bajraktar of Shkrel, their internment in Montenegro, and their flight from persecution as the political climate was rocked by the Balkan and World Wars. It was written by Nush in 1938-1942, then translated from Albanian to English by my grand-aunt, Zina, and edited and illustrated by me. I've added maps of the region from that time to help with place name recognition, as well as photos of some of the prominent figures and places in the book. The original black and white photos have been restored and colourized, and accompany the family story as it travels from Shkodër, Albania, to Istanbul, Vienna, Dubrovnik and Belgrade.


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