About Me

Rob Emery

Toronto based wildlife, travel & model photographer and fantasy artist.

What started as a hobby has gradually become my passion. I began photography at an early age, using film and darkroom techniques. My initial work in wildlife and event photography expanded into model and travel photography in 1999. After the transition to digital photography, I began to develop my skills in digital touchup and later 3D rendering and digital artistry. Though I still love and continue to hone my skills in other styles, fantasy art (both 3D-rendered and photography-based) is now my favourite style.


Model Photography

I help you look your best in a range of styles: glamour, swimwear, fitness, artistic nude & fantasy art. Select TFCD projects are available.

3D Photography

3D photography delivers a great effect if you have something with a lot of depth, but the optics aren't as good so it's often more for fun, than commercial purposes. See: 3D Cosplay for examples. I also do depth map 3D, but it's a lot harder, and only viewable (sort of) on Facebook (Instructions), unless you have a 3D photo frame (eg. Looking Glass).


I recently published a book of my great-grandfather's memoirs ( Memoirs Of The Shkreli-Vata Family ), which I edited and illustrated using maps and photos from various sources, that I restored and colourized.

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