What Is TFCD?

TFCD (Time For Compact Disc) is a collaborative shoot. The photographer provides photography and digital touchup for free and gets permission to publish the images in any medium as part of a portfolio, or for use in & sale as art. The model provides modelling for free and gets copies of all photos from the shoot (on CD or DVD) and permission to post them in any medium as part of their portfolio (not for sale, or re-distribution). In rare events, other people including Clothing Designers, Prop Makers, Location Owners, Digital Artists and Make Up Artists (MUAs) can also be asked to join, and provide their skills for free to get copies of final images from the shoot and rights to post them in any medium as part of their portfolio (not for sale, or re-use). All arrangements are made prior to the shoot with the consent of all parties. I often contribute the services of Costume Designer, Prop Maker and/or Digital Artist as well.

Is TFCD For You?

TFCD is good for artists looking to develop their skills and add more photos to their portfolio in styles they haven't done before. It's much cheaper than booking a photographer, MUA, and/or model (all it costs is time, and you get the benefit of training and practice in addition to photos you're looking to add to your portfolio). It's easier to book and provides more freedom than a paid job (though of course, if you have that as an option in the style you were hoping for, take it). If you have plenty of experience and all the styles you want in your portfolio already, this isn't for you, but if you're up for trying out something new, it's fun and can be useful for expanding both your experience and your portfolio.
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