Battlestar Galactica

BSG viper mark1

Viper Pilot (Classic)

When my folks radio antenna got knocked down, I welded it into a 2/3 scale Viper (front is 3/4 scale so I can fit in, back is 1/2 scale as that matched the materials I had). I added wings, skin, front wheel and engines (water barrels) from Craigslist free stuff. The canopy, rear wheels & cowlings were made with new materials. I also turned my welding jacket into a pilot's uniform jacket by adding trim, buckles and shoulder patches. The helmet was purchased. The boots were initially made by converting a pair of Skywalker boots, and then later replaced with a more authentic BSG pair (that also I also enhanced).

Viper Pilot (Classic - War Of The Gods)

For DragonCon 2018 I made a War Of The Gods uniform, using another jacket re-sewn into shape and decorated with fabric paint. I 3D printed a new gun, holster & buckles and put white duct tape over the boots.

Viper Pilot (Reboot)

This was a bought costume, but I did make the dog tags out of brass sheet metal and printed custom text on it using an inkjet printer.

Pyramid Player (Reboot)

This was mostly bought items that I threw together, but I did make the ball, the arm brace, and recoloured the glove with some tape.

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