Rob Emery Costumes & Props


This section contains props and costumes of my own design. Contact me for commissions or rentals.


The 2 piece female fantasy armour was made exclusively from recycled beer, juice and pop cans, mostly the pull tabs. It's 100% Aluminum (no thread, tape, velcro, buckles, etc.) - 100% Recycled and Recyclable. For the male armour suit and the 1 piece female suit, I started using string & wire to make them more robust and faster for models to get into. For all, I eventually added a silicone coat inside to make them more robust and comfortable. The Alumiwear line was showcased in the Deadly Sins 2 fashion / lingerie show & at Polaris 2011 (Workmanship winner, Journeyman division). (Digital Art: Joe Diamond, Rob Emery, Michelle Renee. Models: Stephanie, Alissa, Alii, Rob Emery, Lovina & Jenessa)

Props - Steampunk

I created a Steampunk Journalist with aether teletype and compact camera case (to fit around my digital camera. Broach by E. Chartier. Photo by Convoke). I also created a set of steampunk weapons, including a tasifier, nerf rifle, gatling gun and vampire rifle.