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The 2 piece eco-couture female fantasy armour ( armor ) was made exclusively from recycled beer, juice and pop cans, mostly the pull tabs. 100% Aluminum can (no thread, tape, velcro, buckles, etc.) - 100% Recycled and Recyclable. For the male armour suit and eventually the 1 piece female suit, I started using string & wire to make them more robust and faster to get into. For all, I eventually added some silicone inside to make them more comfortable too. The RE-Design line of Alumiwear (a.k.a. Alumawear, Alumiware & Alumaware ) was showcased in the Deadly Sins 2 fashion / lingerie show & Polaris 2011 (Workmanship winner, Journeyman division). (Digital Art: Joe Diamond, Rob Emery, Michelle Renee. Models: Stephanie, Alissa, Alii, Rob Emery, Lovina & Jenessa)

Duct Tape Heroes

Iron Man (pic by Convoke) is bristol board and red/gold duct tape over red suit and ski boots. The Arc Reactor is custom made with LEDs and cast arc ring. Batman is a mix of leftovers but the mask, gauntlet and armour are mostly black duct tape. Wolverine was the winner of the Polaris 2010 novice division and workmanship awards, and also showcased at Fan Expo 2010 & 2011 & Dragon Con 2012. Iron Man was showcased at Fan Expo 2012. Batman was showcased at Dragon Con 2012.

Dr. Who

Originally, I built a War Machine out of bristol board and duct tape to go with my Iron Man costume, but then had a need for a Cyberman costume (pic by Yuki, Optimus Prime by Venessa) so did a conversion. The biceps were replaced, other parts were just covered with a new look (with some foam for shape) where needed. I also made a Dalek out of cardboard and duct tape. The head is a salad bowl, with some eyes from solar lights, and an eye stalk made from pvc tube and a spherical coke bottle. The body is cardboard, with some plungers and paint roller bits to make up the weapon/manipulator. Then the two costumes merged and things went horribly bad for the human race ( Cyberdalek pic by Christine Mak). Cyberman costume showcased at Anime North 2012 & 2013, Fan Expo 2011 & 2012 & Dragon*Con 2012. 3rd place prize for Cyberman at the Silver Snail Halloween bash 2011. Dalek costume showcased at FanExpo 2013. Best hybrid for Cyberdalek at CostumeCon. I also made assorted props for Doctor Who: Judoon Scanner, my own Godzilla sound screwdriver, Jackson Lake's screwdriver, Osterhagen Key, Chameleon Arch and some Time Lord cufflinks. The sonic screwdriver is a conversion of the Wand Company's 11th doctor remote control to allow it to extend. All functionality was kept, and only a few extra parts were needed (screws, springs) but the conversion is tricky.

Other Villains

The Borg was my first costume. It remains one of my heaviest costumes, even with 15 lbs recently removed but has also evolved in quality. I also made the Geordi visor (modelled by Alan) from aluminum sheet and brass screen. The Goa'Uld used light materials making it more comfortable but still hot. For Boba Fett (pic with Lovina as Leia), I had to match shapes (and colours) so I experimented with new materials including plaster (heavy) and mouldable foam (light) only to find out how brittle they both are. Goop (silicone glue) to the rescue! An outer layer on everything makes it fairly resilient despite the brittle core. The Predator (pic by ASPhotography) is a latex paint over a Mr.Incredible suit, plus airfoam sculpted armour, car mats and a very heavy plaster helmet. The Borg was showcased at Fan Expo 2011, Comicon 2013 and Polaris 2011 (People's Choice award w. Deanna Troi (Edith Chartier) at the friday ball) & 2012. The Goa'uld was showcased at Futurecon 2011. Boba Fett was seen at Star Wars Day 2012. The Predator was showcased at FanExpo 2013.

Other Heroes

Lara Croft guns and holster (Digital Art: Joe Diamond, Model: Djulz).

More Heroes

When my folks radio antenna got knocked down, I decide to weld it back into a 1/2 scale Viper ( Battlestar Galactica ). I added wings, wheels and engines from garbage picked scraps and free stuff from Craigslist. The canopy & cowlings were mostly made with new materials but worth it. Then I needed a pilot's uniform ( original series ) so I threw one together out of army pants, a Tshirt and the welding jacket I used to build the Viper. Viper pilot costume showcased at Dragon Con 2012. Pete Venkman (photo by Merle Robillard) was made with the Mattel neutrino wand, modified to sync up with the lights on a homemade proton pack. The pack was made of foam over beaverboard, with baking tins, floppy disc cases, Pringles tube, PVC pipe, wood trim, etc. It was showcased at Toronto Comicon 2014. Farscape's Rygel XVI was created to go with my (partly duct tape) John Crichton outfit - showcasing them together at DragonCon 2015.

Steampunk Weapons

Other Weapons


I also made an Aliens Motion Tracker, an Arc Reactor, a detachable Lightsaber and the necklace is Melisandre's from Game of Thrones.

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