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This section contains props and costumes of my own design. Contact me for commissions or rentals.

Alumiwear poptabians

The 2 piece female fantasy armour was made exclusively from recycled beer, juice and pop cans, mostly the pull tabs. It's 100% Aluminum (no thread, tape, velcro, buckles, etc.) - 100% Recycled and Recyclable. For the male armour suit and the 1 piece female suit, I started using string & wire to make them more robust and faster for models to get into. For all, I eventually added a silicone coat and sometimes felt inside to make them more robust and comfortable. The Alumiwear line was showcased in the Deadly Sins 2 fashion / lingerie show & at Polaris 2011 (Workmanship winner, Journeyman division). (Digital Art: Joe Diamond, Rob Emery, Michelle Renee. Models: Stephanie, Alissa, Alii, Rob Emery, Lovina & Jenessa)

Steampunk & Weapons steampunk journalist

I created a Steampunk Journalist with aether teletype and compact camera case (to fit around my digital camera. Broach by E. Chartier. Photo by Convoke). I also created a set of steampunk weapons (tasifier, nerf rifle, gatling gun and vampire rifle) as well as a medieval sword.

  • steampunk teletype
  • steampunk camera casee
  • tasifier
  • steampunk nerf rifle
  • steampunk gatling gun
  • sonic repeater
  • sword

Fan Art

This section is for items from favourite shows/movies created just for fun. Items are not for sale or commission, and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Anime North 2017 - Props And Armor Panel


the making of Wolverine costume

duct tape wolverine

The duct tape Wolverine X-Men Uniform is around 90% tape (all duct / duck tape) - silver inside, black outside and clear to hold the orange string. The other 10% is foam, velcro, string, buckles, leather gloves/boots and cast resin claws. Wolverine was the winner of the Polaris 2010 novice division and workmanship awards, and also showcased at Fan Expo 2010 & 2011 & Dragon Con 2012.

Black Widow duct tape wolverine

Black Widow was made with fabric painted SHIELD badges on a stretch fabric costume. The belt buckle and bracelets were hand-carved, the rest of the buckles, the gun and the holsters were 3D printed.

Iron Man duct tape iron man

Iron Man (pic by Convoke) is bristol board and red/gold duct tape over a red body suit and ski boots. The Arc Reactor is custom made with LEDs, cast arc ring and optional battery compartment. Iron Man was showcased at Fan Expo 2012.

Iron Man arc reactor


the making of Batman costume

duct tape batman

Batman's mask, gauntlet and armour are mostly black duct tape. Batman was showcased at Dragon Con 2012

Cyberman cyberman and miss hartigan

The Cyberman costume is duct tape over bristol board, with foam for depth/shaping. A sound sensitive circuit was linked to LED's in the mouth and a keychain based voice circuit to deliver the "Delete" and "You will be upgraded" lines. Pic with J.Wood as Mercy Hartigan.

  • cybergun
  • the making of Cybergun
Dalek the making of a Dalek costume duct tape dalek

I made a Dalek out of cardboard and duct tape. The head is a salad bowl, and the eye stalk is made from pvc tube and a spherical Coke bottle. Then it was merged with the Cyberman and The Hybrid was born (pic by Christine Mak).

  • duct tape cyber-dalek / cyberdalek
Jackson Lake the one, the only, jackson lake

For Jackson Lake, I added fabric paint and leather trim to a coat and carved an old awl into a "sonic" screwdriver. I also made assorted props for Doctor Who: Shakri Cube, Judoon Scanner, custom (Godzilla sound + laser + mechanical) screwdriver, Jackson Lake's screwdriver, Osterhagen (USB) Keys, Chameleon Arch and some Time Lord cufflinks. The sonic screwdriver is a conversion of the Wand Company's 11th doctor remote control to allow it to extend.

  • Shakri cube - power of three
  • assorted doctor who props
  • remote control sonic screwdriver that extends
  • the making of Sonic Screwdriver remote control extension
Tardis the making of a Tardis Doctor Who Tardis

I designed a Tardis to make it portable (it fits entirely in a sedan when disassembled), indoor-compatible (it fits under an 8' ceiling when assembled) but is still large enough to look full size (it's about 90% of the height of the 1980 Tom Yardley-Jones Tardis).

Amy Pond amy pond in uniform

Amy Pond was made with fabric paint and 3D printed parts on a real police vest, costume hat and regular belt.

Borg the borg, TNG

The Borg was my first costume. It remains one of my heaviest, even with 15 lbs already removed (Photos by Wandering Dana & FanExpo). I made the Geordi visor for a friend from aluminum sheet and brass screen. The Goa'Uld was made of foam and other light materials making it more comfortable but still hot. The Borg was showcased at Fan Expo 2011, Comicon 2013 and Polaris 2011 (People's Choice award w. Deanna Troi, Edith Chartier) & 2012.

Georgi & Hugh

Boba Fett boba fett and princess leia

For Boba Fett (pic with Lovina as Leia), I experimented with reinforced plaster (heavy) and mouldable foam (light) only to find out how brittle they both are. Goop (silicone glue) to the rescue! An outer layer on everything makes it fairly resilient despite the brittle core. Boba Fett was showcased at Star Wars Day 2012.

Predator predator

The Predator (pic by ASPhotography) was made by painting in latex over a Mr.Incredible suit, plus airfoam sculpted armour, car mats and a very heavy plaster helmet. To lighten it, some pieces were replaced with Worlba molded pieces. The Predator was showcased at FanExpo 2013 and MCC 2014.

Goa'uld goa'uld

The Goa'uld was made of PVA foam, air dry foam, and a sweater. It was showcased at Futurecon 2011.

Malcolm Reynolds captain tightpants & inara

I created the gun, holster and suspenders for Firefly's Malcolm Reynolds. Later the gun was replaced with one a little more screen accurate (original was designed to fit around a TV remote control). Costume was showcased at Fan Expo & Polaris 2011, CSTS 2011 & 2012 (pic with E. Chartier as Inara). I also made the Inara laser pistol and a boltcaster, mostly out of dollar store parts.

  • Firefly, Mal's gun and holster
  • Firefly, Inara's laser gun
  • Firefly, Inara's boltcaster
Lara Croft lara croft

I made the guns and holster for a Lara Croft costume (Digital Art: Joe Diamond, Model: Djulz).

Piccolo picollo

For Piccolo, I started with a commissioned costume but modified it by adding latex and thermal glue to the arms, and more fabric to the hat, belt & boots. The pouch and gloves were made from scratch. The gloves were made with air dry foam nails, dollar store gloves and latex, with some LEDs for the special beam cannon attack. Piccolo (Pics by ASPhotography and Greg Payne) was showcased at Anime North 2013-2017.

Jedi jedi

Jedi Knight with detachable blade lightsaber - showcased at Fan Expo 2012.

  • lightsaber with detachable blade
  • the making of a detachable lightsaber

Viper Pilot BSG viper mark1

When my folks radio antenna got knocked down, I welded it into a 1/2 scale Viper ( Battlestar Galactica ). I added wings, wheels and engines (water barrels) from Craigslist free stuff. The canopy & cowlings were made with new materials. I also turned my welding jacket into a pilot's uniform jacket by adding trim, buckles and shoulder patches.

Jon Snow Jon Snow

My Jon Snow ( Game of Thrones ) was mostly sewn together (thumbnail by Very Frank Pictures) - link picture with Tina (Melisandre) and Nicole (Daenerys). Ygritte was made with fur additions added to a fur coat. Two versions of Longclaw were made with air dry foam over metal and foam LARP swords.

Pete Venkman Ghostbuster

For Pete Venkman (photo by Merle Robillard), I modified the Mattel neutrino wand to sync up with the lights on a homemade proton pack. The pack was made of foam over beaverboard, with a baking tin, floppy disc case, Pringles tube, PVC pipe, wood trim, etc.

Rygel Farscape's Rygel XVI

Farscape's Rygel XVI was sculpted in plastilene and then latex moulded to fit onto a Yoda plush doll body (latex painted to match) to go with my John Crichton outfit (duct tape vest, leather pants, and two jackets sewn together to make the Peacekeeper jacket). Winona was carved into wood, and a laser pointer and LEDs were added, as well as a hidden (magnetic latch) battery compartment. It was later replaced with a more screen accurate version, and the LEDs, laser and battery compartment were added again. The holster was made of faux leather over foam and molded plastic.

Farscape, John Crichton's Winona

Bofur Bofur

Bofur was put together from a sweater and jacket, and other clothing I already had. A hammer/axe (not in the picture) was created out of a foam one that was coated in silicone and repainted. The mustache/goatee was made from a wig. The costume, along with a cardboard barrel was used on tour in Middle Earth

Assorted Steampunk Lady Mechanika gun and holster

A dollarstore gun was refit with metal bits for a Lady Mechanika cosplay, and the holster was made from leather. For a Men In Brown (aka steampunk version of Men In Black), I made a neuralizer and steampunk goggles.

Steampunk glasses and neuralizer for Men In Brown (aka steampunk Men In Black) cosplay

Aliens Motion Tracker Aliens motion tracker

I also made a Motion Tracker (Aliens - it uses a LCD keychain with a blinking LED to drive it like slow-mo video)

Carbonite the making of the carbonite mancave door rob emery in carbonite, as a door to my man-cave

The carbonite "Han Solo"-like door was made for my man cave. It has a thermal detonator for the door handle.

HAL-9000 HAL9000 interface

HAL9000 was made from 3D printed parts, a red LED, a sound circuit and lenses made from clear candy holders and holiday ornaments.

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