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duct tape batman


Batman's mask, gauntlet and armour were made using black duct tape (over foam, leather gloves & a baseball cap).

the making of a Batman costume

blackest night cosplayers

Blackest Night Batman

Batman was converted into Blackest Night Batman by adding a new set of gauntlets, made from duct tape and grey gloves, plus adding some grey duct tape to the chest and belt. The pants were replaced with a roughed up zombie version with a latex patch for fake zombie skin.

Wonder Woman costume props

Wonder Woman

I got a start on a movie Wonder Woman costume. The shield, tiara, gauntlets and Godkiller sword were 3D printed. I modified the Godkiller so it's longer than the original model and comes apart (for putting in a suitcase when flying to cons). For the lasso, I used Gen 3 EL wire reinforced with kevlar and custom designed a holder for the battery/electronics.

Steve Trevor (reincarnated) with Wonder Woman 1984 in gold armor

Steve Trevor '84

This one's just bought items (with small alterations on the fanny pack) but it's more fun going to shoots as a photographer when you're in costume too. Joe Colton joined me in her awesome gold armor Wonder Woman '84.

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