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duct tape batman


Batman's mask, gauntlet and armour were made using black duct tape (over foam, leather gloves & a baseball cap).
the making of a Batman costume

blackest night cosplayers

Blackest Night Batman

Batman was converted into Blackest Night Batman by adding a new set of gauntlets, made from duct tape and grey gloves, plus adding some grey duct tape to the chest and belt. The pants were replaced with a roughed up zombie version with a latex patch for fake zombie skin.

Wonder Woman costume props

Wonder Woman

I got a start on a Wonder Woman costume. The shield, tiara, gauntlets and Godkiller sword were 3D printed. I modified the Godkiller so it's longer than the original model and comes apart (for putting in a suitcase when flying to cons). For the lasso, I used Gen 3 EL wire reinforced with kevlar and custom designed a holder for the battery/electronics.

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