movie of Roomba modified to look like a DRD


I modified a Roomba Braava Jet 240 to look like a Farscape DRD so it can do the mopping in my home in style. I plan to do more rebalancing of the weight but was surprised the maneuvering held up pretty well despite being converted from a small (7") square Roomba to a larger oval DRD. Its size (10.5"x8.5") is a little smaller than a real DRD (14"x10") to help with that and make it easier to get through obstacles like chair legs. Click on the image to the left for a video of it in operation, sped up 8x.

Farscape's Rygel XVI


I sculpted a Rygel head and latex coated/painted it atop a Yoda plushie body. It's hollow inside and has straps so can also serve as a small backpack.

John Crichton - Peacekeeper outfit

John Crichton - Peacekeeper

The vest was made out of duct tape and ABS buckles. The leather pants and army boots were bought. I also made a jacket, but it never fit quite right.

steampunk gatling gun

John Crichton - Astronaut

This costume was entirely purchased. I just added the patches to the jacket and made the communicators for Rygel and myself.

steampunk gatling gun


The pulse pistol was initially carved out of wood, but has since been replaced with a resin cast version. To each, I added an LED and a laser sight. I made the holster out of a mix of hard plastic, nylon straps, ABS buckles, pleather and real leather.

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