Mal and the crew loading cargo

Malcolm Reynolds

I created the gun, holster and suspenders for Malcolm Reynolds. The original gun I made, I cast around a TV remote control (pull trigger to mute TV). I later replaced it with a more screen accurate version for cosplay. For the pants, I just added the brown trim to the pants, otherwise they and the shirt were bought.

Gunslingers in action

Jane Cobb

For Jayne, I added some cloth to a pair of biking gloves, modified a dollar store gun, created some shin wraps, and reproduced the shirt design with fabric paint. The Jayne hat and wrist cuff were purchases.

Firefly, Inara's boltcaster

Inara's Boltcaster

I made the boltcaster out of dollar store and hardware store parts.

Firefly, Inara's laser gun

Inara's Laser Pistol

I made Inara's pistol out of a dollar store one, and a microphone, and added in a laser sight and power LED.

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