Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow was made with fabric painted SHIELD badges on a stretch fabric costume. The belt buckle and bracelets were hand-carved. The rest of the buckles, the gun and the holsters were 3D printed.

duct tape wolverine


The duct tape Wolverine X-Men Uniform is around 90% tape (all duct / duck tape) - silver inside, black outside and clear to hold the orange string. The other 10% is foam, velcro, string, buckles, leather gloves/boots and cast resin claws. Wolverine was the winner of the Polaris 2010 novice division and workmanship awards.
the making of Wolverine costume

duct tape iron man

Iron Man

Iron Man (thumbnail pic by Convoke) is bristol board and red/gold duct tape over a red body suit and ski boots. The Arc Reactor is custom made with LEDs, cast arc ring and optional battery compartment back (4AAA).

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