Kakashi Hatake's Hidden Leaf Village headband

Kakashi Hatake (Sensei)

For Kakashi, I made a headband by cutting up an old T-shirt, and fabric paint gluing it into shape. I cut, bent and glued an aluminum plate to it, and used fabric paint to make the Hidden Leaf village emblem. The rivets were silver painted gem stick-on's. The kunai was made by 3d printing a flexible ABS blade and gluing it to a solid 3d printed ABS handle wrapped with white cord. The holder was made out of MDF and I added a magnetic latch on the pleather lid, and and ABS buckle on the strap for adjustment and quick release. I also bought then modified the vest and sweatsuit, correcting the swirl logos by repainting them with fabric paint, thickening the neck piece using fabric removed from the front pocket buckles and foam, and adding in zippers (for functionality) and buckle decorations (for the correct look) to the front pockets.

  • Kakashi Hatake's kunai and holder
  • Konoha vest upgrades

Kakashi Hatake / Itachi Uchiha's shoes

Itachi Uchiha (Akatsuki)

For Itachi, I made cloud patterns on red cloth using white fabric paint, and sewed the results to a black raincoat. For the shirt, I sewed in some plastic mesh at the neckline. The necklace was made out of black shoelace and metal washers. The headband was made using fabric paint for both the emblem and the rivets. I cut holes in some white socks to make the ankle wraps/shoe covers. I use the same bought shoes for both Itachi and Kakashi, so left them black, but cut out the heel to make it more authentic and have a better fit.

3D Printed Pakkun


This was a simple 3D prop print - I just had to slice it so it's compatible with my printer, glue it back together, sand and paint it.

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