Predator / Aliens


The Predator

The Predator was made by painting in latex over a Mr.Incredible suit. The armor was sculpted out of air-dry foam and car mats. The helmet was sculpted out of (very heavy) plaster. To lighten it and some of the armor pieces, they were eventually replaced with Worlba molded pieces. The shoulder canon was made out of a toy and some foam. I incorporated a tracking and laser targeting system into it using servos and an arduino Uno. As the suit's pigmented latex paint didn't cure well enough in some places, this version was eventually replaced with a spandex suit, which is way more comfortable (breathes).

Aliens motion detector

Motion Detector (Aliens)

The motion detector was made from various scrap and dollar store parts. To make the video display, I used an LCD photo keychain with a relay triggered by a blinking LED to advance the frames. An mp3 player provided the pinging noises.

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