Star Trek

Mirror universe triskelion

TOS - Mirror McCoy

I made both the normal and a mirror universe version of McCoy. The shirt was purchased, but I modified the striping (originally Spock's). The knife and tricorder were 3D printed with an LCD photo keychain added to the tricorder for a viewscreen. I modified the bottom of the pants, and for the mirror version, added the belt fabric, and created some medals using 3D printing.

the borg, TNG

TNG - Borg

The Borg was my first costume. It remains one of my heaviest, even with 15 lbs already removed (thumbnail pic by Wandering Dana). It's made of every bit of junk I could find glued down to football padding, a bought mask and an artificial arm made from aluminum tubing. I made a puppeteer mechanism inside to control some sensor like gadgets on the outside.

Commander Riker on the NCC1701-D bridge

TNG - Commander Riker

This was a purchased costume. I made extra communicator pins and pips to supplement my collection and change to future versions. I originally made a communicator with an MP3 player too, but sadly it was lost. I also made the Geordi visor from aluminum sheet and a brass screen.

Riker on Risa

TNG - Risa Riker

This was for some pool fun at Yeticon. I 3D printed a Horga'hn, a communicator and The Game headset to go with my swimwear/bathrobe.

The Wrath Of Khan era McCoy

TOS TWOK & TNG - 1701-C

I've always liked the look of the TWOK era uniform, so ended up buying a maroon jacket and adding trim to some black pants to make both McCoy and Richard Castillo uniforms with a removable (velcro) colour coded strip on the arm and removable (pin) strap for the shoulder. To go with it, I made an NCC1701-C era phaser using 3D printing for the body, and adding LEDs, switches, lasers and a sound card (simulated beam in pic, but impact dots are real).

The Wrath Of Khan era phaser

Spore Canister

Discovery - Spore Canister

This was 3D printed, and I added a plexiglass core and light strip with remote control.

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