steampunk teletype


For my Steampunk Journalist, I created an aether teletype, to send reports back to the office. It has keys that make a click noise (mp3 player).

steampunk camera casee

Compact Camera

For my Steampunk Journalist, I also created a cover for my digital camera.



The taser uses metal wire on a fishing reel mounted on a pirate gun, with vacuum tubes and and two arrowheads to deliver its punch.

steampunk gatling gun


For a War Machine costume, I made a working Gatling gun, but it was converted to a steampunk look for my Golden Bender to borrow.

sonic repeater


I made a vampire gun with UV glow bullets out of a toy rifle and bullets made of cast resin over LEDs.

Steampunk glasses and neuralizer for Men In Brown (aka steampunk Men In Black) cosplay

Men In Brown

I made some MIB-inspired gear: a neutralizer and sun goggles.

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