Horizon: Zero Dawn & Forbidden West

Quen Warrior riding a Behemoth

Quen Warrior

This was built making use of 3D design and printing for the armor plates and helmet, as well as puffy yarn for the braiding and fabric glue for some of the shirt detailing (and to save on sewing). The foot, shin and forearm armor underlayers were made from foam/plastic kitchen placemats, detailed with a soldering iron. The shells are actual shells in most cases, except on the helmet which were 3d printed for expedience. The Behemoth is a 3D render (model by Theo Domon, based on the Guerilla Games' Behemoth), though resized so it fit (I was actually posing on a mini Appa (The Last Airbender). The club was carved in wood and foam for strength and safety.

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