Board Game Expansion Packs

Sets/items are not available for purchase - there are tips on how to find/make your own below though.

Star Trek Catan star trek catan boardgame expansion pack

Star Trek Catan is limited to 4 players, and all are Federation, battling each other for territory. That seemed odd, so I replaced them with just 2 Federation (science vs. military) and added: Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi and Jem'Hadar. Some were molded and cast, others were 3D printed, many are still evolving - see below for some print files I used/plan to try. The Vulcan ships were made with a bead and 1/2 a toothpick. I also replaced the klingon planet attacker with a Borg Sphere (cards/skills that affect "the Klingon" now affect the Borg). I also added an extra row of planets to accommodate the extra players. The leader cards were fun but slowed the game with folks re-reading what was available so I took out the bad ones, and randomly give one to each player at the start of the game (they're still double use, but no exchanges).

3D printed parts: Ferengi Ship & Base, Klingon Base, Klingon Ships, Klingon Ship Stands, Romulan Ships, Jem'Hadar Ships, Extra Bases.

Star Wars Carcassonne star wars carcassone boardgame expansion pack

Star Wars Carcassone is limited to 5 players, or 2 teams of 2 and 1 team of 1 - that seemed odd, so I added a 6th group, Jawas, to make it 3 teams of 2 or 6 players. The Jawas join the bounty hunter group (they are the bounty hunters of droids, and both groups work for anyone if the money is good). The extra blue meeples were 3D printed. I also replaced the larger meeples with mini figures, painted their bases to match their faction and gave each team their own coloured dice.

Firefly firefly boardgame expansion pack

Firefly is limited to 4 players, so I added 2 more ships (molded and cast, but there are 3d print files out there too) and ship cards (printed and glued to a board). For fun, I also 3D printed some items: Fuel, parts, passengers, cargo, unhappy crew.

Sid Meier's Civilization sid meier's civilization game modification

Civilization had a bad layout for 3 players (no even way to split the continents), so I modified the map with a leaf (map1,map2 ) that can fold out of the way when not needed. It allows Austrafica to be a supercontinent roughly the same size as America and Eurasia, the other 2. I also didn't like that the artillery pieces were shared across eras, so I created a Ballista (carved and molded) to replace the Catapult as eras change.

Battlestar Galactica battlestar galactica board game modification

Battlestar Galactica nicely already allowed 6 players, but had more player cards available so I upgraded it too. A new loyalty chart was created to handle the extra players, and some of the loyalty cards were modified. One thing I noticed is that players getting "you are not a cylon" cards didn't look at them long, whereas those receiving the cylon cards did (more to read) - giving away who's the cylon. To even that out, I added text to all the "You are not a cylon" cards so everyone had something to read. I 3D printed new basestars and painted the vipers and raptors. The sympathizer role was also very limited once they were put in the brig, so I added a sympathizer actions card that gives them some extra options. The "Final 5" player chooses their loyalty at the time they see their loyalty card.


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