Bofur's Adventures In Middle Earth

by Rob Emery

3D - Red-Blue Glasses

This series is for viewing through red-blue glasses. Click here for viewing by going cross-eyed instead.

Rocks near Hairy Feet Waitomo

Cliffs near Hairy Feet Waitomo

Bofur knocking at Bilbo's Door

Hobbiton House1

Hobbiton House2

Boiling water at Te Puia thermal park

Pohutu geyser

yellow lake at thermal parkr

Lady Knox Geyser at start of eruption

Lady Knox Geyser erupting

Trees at thermal park

Frying Pan Lake

Mists near Frying Pan Lake

Warbrick Terrace

Franz Josef Glacier

steps carved in glacier by guides

cave in glacier

cave in glacie

Guide with pick-axe

view of mountains and mirror flat lake

sheep near Isthmus peak hike trail

Kea birds attacking cars

Warrior of Gondor

Bofur in Gondor

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