Doctor Who

kissogram Amy Pond near the stairs

Amy Pond

Amy Pond was made with fabric paint and a 3D printed radio & baton on a real police vest, a costume hat & a regular belt.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams watching the Tardis leave

Rory Williams

I made two versions of Rory. His 11th Hour hoodie was made by fabric painting some extra lines on a hoodie that was already close. The pantless version is just purchased items.

cyberman and miss hartigan


The Cyberman costume is duct tape over bristol board, with foam for depth/shaping. A sound sensitive circuit was linked to LED's in the mouth and a keychain based voice circuit to deliver the "Delete" and "You will be upgraded" lines. Pic with J.Wood who made & was Mercy Hartigan.
the making of Cybergun

metal and duct tape emperor's guard dalek


I made a Dalek out of cardboard and duct tape. The head was a salad bowl, and the eye stalk was made from pvc tube and a spherical Coke bottle. It was later upgraded to a more screen accurate Emperor's Guard Dalek using 3d printing, mdf skirt, styrene body and aluminum tape over most of it.
the making of a Dalek costume

duct tape cyber-dalek / cyberdalek: dalek head but cyber body & antenna


The Cyberman and Dalek were merged and The Hybrid was born.

Jackson Lake testing out sonic screwdriver

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake's coat was originally made with fabric paint on an old coat, with a leather collar sewn on, but later replaced with a modified custom print hoodie. I removed the hood and replaced it with the same leather collar. I used the hood material to sew the lapels and pockets. The pants, vest and ascot were purchased. I made a Chameleon Arch (rather than JL pocketwatch) by carving a dollarstore pockewatch, and modified an awl into a "sonic" screwdriver.

Doctor Who Tardis


I designed the Tardis to make it portable (it fits entirely in a sedan when disassembled), indoor-compatible (it fits under an 8' ceiling when assembled) but is still large enough to look full size (it's about 90% of the height of the 1980 Tom Yardley-Jones Tardis).
the making of a Tardis

>Shakri cube - power of three

Shakri Cube

I made a Shakri Cube out of a plastic cube painted and filled with blinking LEDs and 9v battery.

River Song Journal

River Song Diary, Doctor's Diary, and the Journal Of Impossible Things

The River Song & Doctor's Diaries were made by tea-staining the pages and 3D printing the covers and glueing them to blue pleather. The Journal Of Impossible Things was cut out of a larger leather booklet.
the making of a River Song diary

remote control sonic screwdriver that extends

Sonic Screwdriver

The sonic screwdriver is a conversion of the Wand Company's 11th doctor remote control to allow it to extend (they were originally sold in a version that didn't).
the making of Sonic Screwdriver remote control extension

assorted doctor who props

Assorted Props

I also made assorted props: Judoon Scanner, custom (Godzilla sound + laser + mechanical) screwdriver, Jackson Lake's screwdriver, Osterhagen (USB) Keys, Chameleon Arch & Time Lord cufflinks.

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