Doctor Who

kissogram Amy Pond near the stairs

Amy Pond

Amy Pond was made with fabric paint and a 3D printed radio & baton on a real police vest, a costume hat & a regular belt.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams watching the Tardis leave

Rory Williams

I made two versions of Rory. His 11th Hour hoodie was made by fabric painting some extra lines on a hoodie that was already close. The pantless version is just purchased items.

cyberman and miss hartigan


The Cyberman costume is duct tape over bristol board, with foam for depth/shaping. A sound sensitive circuit was linked to LED's in the mouth and a keychain based voice circuit to deliver the "Delete" and "You will be upgraded" lines. Pic with J.Wood who made & was Mercy Hartigan.

the making of Cybergun

metal and duct tape emperor's guard dalek


I made a Dalek out of cardboard and duct tape. The head was a salad bowl, and the eye stalk was made from pvc tube and a spherical Coke bottle. It was later upgraded to a more screen accurate Emperor's Guard Dalek using 3d printing, mdf skirt, styrene body and aluminum tape over most of it.

the making of a Dalek costume

duct tape cyber-dalek / cyberdalek: dalek head but cyber body & antenna R2-D2 / Dalek Hybrid


The Cyberman and Dalek were merged and The Hybrid was born. I also had fun while building my R2-D2 (picture is 3D, go cross-eyed to get the effect).

Jackson Lake testing out sonic screwdriver

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake's coat was originally made with fabric paint on an old coat, with a leather collar sewn on, but later replaced with a modified custom print hoodie. I removed the hood and replaced it with the same leather collar. I used the hood material to sew the lapels and pockets. The pants, vest and ascot were purchased. I made a Chameleon Arch (rather than JL pocketwatch) by carving a dollarstore pockewatch, and modified an awl into a "sonic" screwdriver.

Doctor Who Tardis


I designed the Tardis to make it portable (it fits entirely in a sedan when disassembled), indoor-compatible (it fits under an 8' ceiling when assembled) but is still large enough to look full size (it's about 90% of the height of the 1980 Tom Yardley-Jones Tardis).

the making of a Tardis

Shakri cube - power of three

Shakri Cube

I made a Shakri Cube out of a plastic cube painted and filled with blinking LEDs and 9v battery.

Doctor Who, River Song & Impossible Things Journals

River Song Diary, the Doctor's Diary, and the Journal Of Impossible Things

The River Song & Doctor's Diaries were made by tea-staining the pages and 3D printing the covers and glueing them to blue pleather. The Journal Of Impossible Things was cut out of a larger leather booklet.

the making of a River Song diary

remote control sonic screwdriver that extends

Sonic Screwdriver

The sonic screwdriver is a conversion of the Wand Company's 11th doctor remote control to allow it to extend (they were originally sold in a version that didn't).

the making of Sonic Screwdriver remote control extension

assorted doctor who props

Assorted Props

I also made assorted props: Judoon Scanner, custom (Godzilla sound + laser + mechanical) screwdriver, Jackson Lake's screwdriver, Osterhagen (USB) Keys, Chameleon Arch & Time Lord cufflinks.

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