The Making Of A Carbonite Door

At first I looked into making a Han Solo carbonite door, but had trouble locating a 3D model with high enough resolution. When a vendor offered to do a 3D scan of my head, I realized I could use that instead to make a 3D print of my face. The hands and boots were also 3D printed, but from files I found online (other people). For the torso, I dressed up in old clothes (over painter's coveralls and a wetsuit, just in case) and slathered a low odour 2 part plastic (Smooth-Cast 325) over me, then cut myself out when it hardened. All the items were then glued to the door, gaps were filled with plaster or wood filler as needed. The carbonite texture was made by smearing plaster of paris around the rest of the door. It was then painted with a black basecoat and silver topcoat, and weathered with black paint and wood stain. The thermal detonator was also 3d printed and fitted over a round door knob. I also made side panels and a back (which reverses to protect the front during transport on my roof rack) to give it a nearly full (still needs end panels) prop look when not used as a door. The door comes off the hinges and pins into new hinge points in the side panels. The panels were made by 3D printing one (the one that I added the most electronics to) and molding and casting the rest. The greebles on each were modified a little. The electronics one has a slow blinker for the green screen (as does the cast one on the opposite side).

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