The Making of Picollo

This costume was mostly a bought one, but to add elements like the facepaint, ears and gloves, I needed them all to match colour with the sleeves. I added lines using thermal glue on the arm skin to give it depth/texture, and covered that with green latex paint that was also used on a pair of elf ears glued to the hat. A little foam was added on the inside of the arms to help retain definition. The belt was replaced with one sewn from fabric with a velcro closure. The claws on the gloves were made from air dry foam, with a silicone layer to protect and attach them, and the rest of the glove was painted with the green latex. The shoulder guard was made by cutting the shape out of flexible plastic (a sledding mat) with holes cut in it for my head and to make it more breathable. The white fabric was glues on with a spray paint glue.

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